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Project Name: Sanderson Farms Box Room Reconstruction
Location: Summit, MS
Architect: Chas. N. Clark

On January 29, 1997 Clark Construction Company responded to a call from Sanderson Farms to meet with them regarding a fire at the chicken processing plant in McComb, MS. After meeting with them, we realized the intensity of the damage and the scope of work required to restore the building to its original condition. This plant, the second largest employer in Pike County, employs some 1500 people working multiple shifts. The fire also indirectly affected numerous independent growers. This was a devastating fire with lots of ramifications, not only to the owner and employees, but to the local economy as well. The fire completely destroyed the 42,000 SF second floor portion of the building, which sat atop precast concrete panels.

Clark Construction Company employed multiple shifts such that a portion of the building could resume processing five days later at 5 a.m. on February 3rd. The work steadily progressed such that the entire first level processing was brought back on line 45 days after the fire. The second floor box room was completed nine days later. This work required tremendous coordination of material and equipment, suppliers and subcontractors.

Demolition of the damaged facility
Demolition of the damaged facility