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Welcome to Clark Construction!

Since 1981, Clark Construction, Inc. of Mississippi has maintained a solid record of quality, reliability and integrity in a very demanding industry. There is no magic to it, just hard work!

We believe in the team concept with owner and the design professional as we each benefit from the other’s success. We offer broad experience in the areas of retail, health care facilities, restaurants, historic renovations, military installations, schools and churches. Sound management and our experience lends to a smooth project accomplished on time and within budget.

Nearly 90% of our work is private repeat business. The majority of this work is negotiated. This is a testimony of the owner’s confidence. Clark Construction is currently licensed in 23 states and will obtain other licenses as conditions dictate. We have an extensive network of quality subcontractors and material suppliers throughout the country. We maintain an aviation department for convenience of timely and efficient job visits.


We have often been able to bring a job, originally thought to be out of the budget, back within budget through value engineering. We maintain a thorough understanding of the site work requirements and can often work with the consultants to provide a quality project within the budget requirements.

To see how Clark Construction can meet your needs, contact us today.